About Elizabeth

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, I’m the creator of Pi in the Sky, a growing global community working to inspire people to live their best life!

What does that mean? Living the healthiest, happiest and relaxed you that you! can be...

I truly believe this is possible, but most of us are not living to our highest potential. We ‘get through’ life in a fog as we rush around in our busy lives.

I use Essential Oils as a tool for me and my family and I guide others to help empower themselves to live their best life. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and what I have learned so far.

I teach free classes on a variety of topics related to Essential Oils, I offer one-one chats where we can speak more openly about you, your personal situation and what might benefit you the most. I also host an online private community for those who are inspired to learn more.

I mentor women on a path to create freedom, financially and emotionally. I have seen so many people transformed by just a few subtle changes. It brings me so much joy to help uplift our community and my dream is that the ripple effect is making the world a better place. 

If you would like to purchase oils through me, know that you get SO much more then the oils, you get ME! My support, my resources and free eBooks and classes, and a beautiful community that cares.

You are welcome to come join me, I sell oils but I am not a sales lady :) so no worries, there is no push, just a genuine desire to help people.

There is plenty of free information here in my website that I hope can assist you on your journey.

Elizabeth xox