Welcome to this space.

I’m Elizabeth (some call me Ellie, my family call me Pi ). I created Pi in the Sky, a growing global community committed to guiding people who are inspired to live ~really live~ with joy, with balance, with compassion for themselves and the planet.

Are you invested in living the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled YOU that you can be?

I know this is possible. And yet I see so many not living to their highest potential. They ‘get through’ life in a fog as they rush around in busy lives. Not truly living and breathing, but coping. I know. I was one of them. And I still fall into this sometimes. It takes practice, awareness and willingness to part the fog. Are you with me so far?

I have a few tools up my sleeve that I use to help myself and to guide others.

One of them is Essential Oils. The most ROCKSTAR tool to support your Emotional and Physical well being. I guide others in creating an empowered, purposeful, balanced life. These tools of Mama Earth are extremely powerful, they have transformed my life and I know they can for you too.

I teach classes and offer private consultations on topics ranging from Toxic Free Living, Emotional Wellbeing, Natural Physical Wellness, Essential Oils Basics and Advanced, using Essential Oils with Kids….

In a private consultations we can speak more openly about you, your personal situation and what might support you the most. I am passionate about connecting people with the right tools to serve them.

I run an online private community for those who are inspired to learn more about Essential Oils, the science, the joy and the DIY. This is a GLOBAL space that connects people with a common interest to live a HIGH vibe life and be a part of a movement that is changing the world.

I have seen so many people transformed by just a few subtle changes. It brings me so much joy to help uplift our community and my dream is that the ripple effect is making the world a better place.

I mentor women on a path to create freedom, financially and emotionally. Yes, this is possible, I have walked this path and am thrilled to show you how. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and step up, I am ready to run alongside you!

Make a cup of tea, settle in and get comfortable here.
Any questions? I'm listening.

Elizabeth x

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